A New Generation
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The original prophecy was given at a New Frontiers Leaders' Meeting some years ago. On hearing the original prophecy, God gave Christian artist Anne House a series of paintings, which are now known as The New Generation Exhibition. These paintings and others can be found on Anne's website at http://www.annehouse.com/.

Michael Blake, a Christian with a prophetic gifting, independently received a set of images and words before seeing the images Anne was creating. Not an artist, but a writer, Michael described the images he saw and then transcribed the accompanying words. These he calls "word-images".

What was interesting was to see later how Michael's images seemed to match Anne's paintings.

Michael now feels the time is right to release the set of "word-images".

Michael has also included subsequent words from God in which He speaks to new generations, which Michael understands as continuing to emanate from the original prophecy.

May the paintings, word-images and words bless you and those with whom you share your life.



I am grieved over this nation in which you live; over all that has been stolen from this nation to whom I have given so much.

I am grieving over a generation of unborn children who have been robbed of their right to live. Over a generation of children who have been robbed of their innocence; a generation of teenagers who have been robbed of their righteousness and their joy; over a generation of men and women who have been robbed of their understanding of what Godly manhood and womanhood is; over a generation of old people who have been robbed of hope.

But I declare to you, my people, that I am speaking into being a new nation, a new generation.

For I am bringing into being in this land a new generation of children who are radiant in childlike faith; a new generation of young people who are joyful in holiness; a new generation of men and women who will redefine in the eyes of this nation Godly manhood and womanhood. 

I am bringing into being a new generation of old people who will not carry their years as a burden, but will wear them as a crown.

I am speaking this new generation into being now, by the invading army, and I would have you open up your eyes, lift your heads and see that the invasion has already begun.


© Anne House & Michael Blake 1994-2014